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Give yourself or someone you love, the gift of more happiness


We've made investing in mental wellbeing easier. Buying a PeachyMinds Box is stress free. Simply visit our shop and choose from a one off gift or a three, six or twelve month subscription.


Delivered in our beautiful packaging, straight to your door. All of our boxes have been designed to help you to make positive, lasting changes to your mental wellbeing.


Join our online community as we explore our PeachyMinds boxes. Webinars, Q&A's and tutorials with psychotherapists to help you to get the maximum benefit from each box.

What's inside each box?

We believe everyone can have a peachier mind and a happier life. 

Our boxes are definitely a way to indulge in some self-care but they’re also so much more. Each box contains a range of beautiful products AND therapeutic activities chosen by psychotherapists, to help you. From worrying less to sleeping more, whatever you’re struggling with we have the perfect box for you. 

We carefully curate each box and are proud to champion beautiful and unique independant brands.

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Why Choose PeachyMinds Box?


Our boxes have been curated with neuroplasticity and evidence backed therapeutic approaches in mind. Neuroplasticity is our brains ability to change and form new neural pathways. If we want to make lasting positive changes and build a happier life we need to take small steps each day and engage in new actions and new ways of thinking. PeachyMinds Boxes have been designed to make it easier for you to access the products, tools and knowledge you need to make to create a happier life.


Community and connection are important to mental wellbeing. Even if our goals differ, changes are easier to make and new habits are easier to form, when we're doing it together. Join us online to receive support and accountability. You can also expect tutorials, webinars and Q&A's all designed to help you get the most out of your box. If you're a subscriber every month you can explore the boxes contents online with help and advice from a psychotherapist.


Our boxes are an opportunity for you to prioritise your mental wellbeing and explore exactly what you need to build a peachy mind and a happier life. In each box you can expect a range of products and activities that will help you to discover what you need to flourish. Whilst we value traditional approaches to mental wellness, we're passionate about helping you to embrace and enhance your ability to make positive lasting changes. By providing you with the knowledge, techniques and support you need.

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Join us and make your happiness a priority.

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