This year has been a rollercoaster, hasn’t it? For many of us looking forward to Christmas with loved ones has kept us moving forward. The promise of better times ahead can provide great motivation when we’re feeling low or struggling. With things changing on an almost daily basis how do we cope with the uncertainty that surrounds this christmas?

Why we struggle with uncertainty..

Simply put, our brains prefer certainty. We like to know what is happening and when and where, because this assists our brains in assessing any potential risks and threats. Helping it to keep us safe and away from harm. We have evolved in many ways but in this respect our brains are similar to when we were cave women. When we experience uncertainty our minds tend to fill the gaps with made up ‘knowledge’ and more often than not the content of this is negative and creates a false sense of certainty. We might find ourselves imagining all kinds of catastrophe’s and disasters about this Christmas as our brains try to protect and prepare us for worse case scenarios. The tricky part can be that the more important the occasion is to us, the more difficult it can be to cope with uncertainty surrounding it.

How can we cope better with uncertainty?

Here are our two top tips for coping with uncertainty at Christmas:

Acknowledge that you’re finding the uncertainty difficult and get to grips with the things that you are worried about happening or not happening. Often we try and avoid thinking too deeply about it because we want to avoid the uncomfortable feelings. Give yourself permission to find it difficult and show yourself compassion, kindness and understanding. This not only feels good but reassures your brain that you are safe and secure and that you have the resources to cope should anything go wrong.

Focus on what you can control. This Christmas there are undoubtedly things happening in the world that are outside of our control and whilst its important to acknowledge that (see tip one!) refocusing on what you can control can be helpful. Try drawing two concentric circles, in one write all of the things you can control. For example, what time you go to bed, what you eat, what gifts you buy etc. In the other you can write down all of the things that are out of your control. For example, the government, the news, other people actions. This activity can really help you gain perspective and focus on the things you can control. Making it easier to accept the things you can’t.

What are your top tips for coping with uncertainty at Christmas? Please join us and share them with us on social media.

At PeachyMinds Box we hope that the festive season brings you many moments of peace and happiness.

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