Welcome to PeachyMinds Box

Why not make 2022 the year you take control and make your mental wellbeing a priority? We believe that with the right help and support everyone can have a peachier mind and a happier life.

Our mental wellbeing subscription boxes have been designed to help you do just that. Expertly curated by psychotherapists and delivered to your your door each month, our boxes contain a unique variety of products and activities. We’re bringing therapeutic activities out of the therapy room and into your home so you can reap the rewards of making your mental wellbeing a priority.

At PeachyMinds Box we know just what it takes to build a happier life and being connected to others plays a key part. This is why each month our community of peaches, guided by a psychotherapist, explore the months box contents together. Providing mutual support and accountability to help ensure the changes you are working hard to make really last. Unlike other boxes which may provide a wonderful treat or dose of self care, each PeachyMinds box contains the following essential elements.

  • A guided, evidence backed therapeutic activity.
  • A mindfulness activity/product.
  • A creative activity, complete with all materials.
  • A self care product chosen to reduce stress.
  • Access to our online webinars and supportive community.

(We often like to include extra little ‘treats’ too but don’t tell everyone!)

Themes and topics change each month but all are based on our brains ability to adapt and become peachier when we make small changes to our thoughts and actions. If you’d like to suggest a theme for a future box please do get in touch: hello@peachymindsbox.com.